Wednesday, 2 May 2018

2018 so far...

Thus far this year I’ve had 7 auditions! Something must be changing… I got 3 of them, so not a bad hit rate really! I played Sam a loser drug dealer, in the Channel 4 Drama "Kiri” written by good old Jack Thorne, and I recently filmed my scenes for another C4 drama, this time a post WW2 civil service role, written by the wonderful Bash Doran. I can now sing a bit of G&S, who’d have thought it.

The Thalidomide Catastrophe

In the making for many years, the cheerily titled “The Thalidomide Catastrophe”, written by by Martin Johnson, Raymond G. Stokes and‎ Tobias Arndt, is finally out.

The catastrophe was the corporate crime it created. A scathing exposé with previously unknown shocking facts, that finally lifts all the lids on the flids (sorry but you know I love a rhyme). Maybe buy it and read it if you want to really know the truth behind the media stories on Thalidomide.

The Roehampton Collection - Poem

When I and all the other Thalidomide children of the South East of England were growing up, it was a late 1960's world, the apex of medical empire building, that had been initiated burning a path from the Sun, under the gaze of the ever watchful all-seeing eye, through the snake entwined pyramid path of progress, offering new post war worlds of medicinal order, only to be brought to a juddering halt by the news: